Simple & Secure WP

About Us

Tools shouldn’t get in the way of you running your business. We believe in building solutions that are approachable, simple, and secure.

Hi, I’m Nate!

I’m the one with the beard. I’ve been a fan of WordPress for quite some time, and am incredibly impressed by how it enables anyone to get a site up and running! Far too often, I have run into solutions that deprioritize the user experience, making them complicated to configure.

My eye for usable software, my background in handling secure data, and my experience in the financial sector made me stop and think – “Hey, I can add value to the WordPress space!” So, that’s why I’ve started Simple & Secure WP – to bring tools that are simple to use and that get out of your way!

Areas of focus

Our users

We empower our customers so that they can focus on their business. We only succeed if our customers do.


We aim to build approachable tools that hide the heavy lifting behind a friendly user experience.


When it comes to software, protecting users is key. We take security and data protection very seriously.